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Chime Bank

A bank account built for your best interest.

Chime is a bank account that helps you save money, automatically. Chime comes with a Chime Visa® Debit Card, no overdraft or monthly fees, a Spending Account, and a Savings Account.

Save Money Automatically
Saving money is hard. Chime makes it easy

Stay Ahead of Your Finances
The Chime app helps you manage your finances wherever you go.


Get paid up to 2 days early and pay yourself first by automatically saving a percentage of every paycheck
Transfer funds between accounts, pay your bills, send physical checks, and pay friends instantly
No overdraft fees, monthly fees, minimum balances, foreign transaction fees, or transfer fees
Access to over 30,000 fee­-free ATMs and 30,000 cash-back locations to get cash on-the-go
Automatic Savings helps you save money every time you use your Chime Visa® Debit Card
Award-winning app with daily balance update and real-time transaction alerts

Security you can trust.

Support when you need it.



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New Christian Hip-Hop Gospel Sound


Rafael Ft. Josiah Caleb- “You Are “

Facebook: @rafael4christ

Instagram: @rafael4christ

Twitter: @rafael4christ

Check the song out @

About Me

Phone: 818-857-0341
Email Address:

About the artist: His name is 

David Gift

David is fully involved in all creative processes.

From his lyrical awareness while
writing to producing videos and collaborating on

cover designs for creating his
own form of fashion with splatter paint wear.

Spot Light Artist

<<<Exclusive Listen>>>